Mtn Free Browsing Using Stark Vpn

Mtn Free Browsing Using Stark Vpn

You can browse free If you have mtn sim card.

This cheat or tweak. I have been using it for 8 months now.

So Grab it why it last.

Now without wasting much time.

The app we will be using to browse free is STARK VPN.

At first it was unlimited but as i write now it’s capped at 50mb a day, quite manageable I guess for everyday social media and chatting with friends.


> An Android phone 

>MTN sim without data 

>3G or 4G network

> Download Stark download here

> After downloading and installing the app

> Launch the app

> Tap the Custom at the right hand corner

> Tap Select Connection Mode and choose HTTP

> Tap Server Port and put 8080

> Click, Header Host and put

> Tap Select Header Line Type and choose

> Tap Proxy Host and put

> Tap Proxy Port and put 8080

> Now go back to the app home page

and tap on the power button to
connect after connecting minimize Stark Vpn and start browsing.

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