5 Common Mistakes when Charging Android phones

5 Common Mistakes when Charging Android phones

There are mistakes we make when charging android device.

If you want your battery to last longer. Below are common mistakes to avoid when charging any android phone.

1. plugging in at full charge

If your battery’s is 100% full, unplugged it instead of leaving it to continue charging.

Still charging when full will affect it’s performance.

2. Charging with phone case

Don’t charge your android phone when the phone case is still on. Phone case trap heat while charging which may lead to over heating.

3. Battery 100% full

If you always charge your android phone battery full. You may be at fault for reducing the life span of that battery.

4. Charging with the wrong charger

Always stick to the brand and type of charger that comes with the android device as batteries typically comes with preset charging circuit that controls the speed required for the android phone.

5. Using it while charging

It’s dangerous to operate your phone while it’s still charging especially while using the wrong charger.

Dangerous accidentss such as explosions have been recorded.

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