Android App to help you quit  Smoking ?

Android App to help you quit Smoking ?

Are you trying to quit smoking? Let your Android phone help.

Whether you’ve been a smoker for five years or twenty, these apps can help you stop your habit dead in its tracks!

The evidence is all there: smoking kills a whopping 6 million people every year, and can directly cause 16 different kinds of cancer. We know it’s bad for us, so why do we still do it? Is it to make us feel cool or edgy, or is it just a technique to reduce stress? Whatever the reason, science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that nothing good can come from smoking. So, here are five apps that can help you kick this bad habit in a variety of ways.

1. Smoke Free

Smoke Free gives you the facts when it comes to your progress: how long you’ve gone without a cigarette, how much money you’ve saved by quitting, how your body is taking to your newfound freedom from tobacco, and how many individual cigarettes you’ve managed to leave by the wayside. Based on hard data, Smoke Free operates under the belief that people will feel encouraged by the progress they’ve made, and stay smoke-free when presented with this information.

2. Kwit Premium

While Kwit Premium isn’t free, it has plenty of benefits to make it worthwhile. Essentially, Kwit gamifies the process of quitting smoking, so an otherwise challenging process feels like playing a game. There are different levels you can reach—from “Amateur” to “Ultimate Kwitter”—and you get basic stats along the way, like how many cigarettes you’ve avoided, and how much money you’ve saved. If you’re ever feeling compelled to smoke, just give your phone a shake, and Kwit will send you an affirmational message to help quell that craving.

3. QuitNow!

Developed by focusing on the feelings and anxieties that come with quitting smoking, QuitNow! offers the stats most other smoking-cessation apps provide: money saved, cigarettes avoided, etc. But, it is also used by over two million people, and offers a community aspect so quitters can receive support, and share their successes on social media.

4. Quit Pro

Quit Pro focuses on the feelings that may make someone want to pick up a cigarette—anxiety, stress, a bad mood, etc. Quit Pro helps identify more than 20 situations, or “triggers,” that could push you to pick up a cigarette, and combats these situations with more than 170 inspirational quotes, and a way to share your successes via social media. It also gives you the basics on your quitting progress.

5. Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

Quit Smoking, developed by Andrew Johnson, a clinical hypnotherapist and stress management expert, is a preparation tool you can use until you’re ready to put that cigarette down. It focuses on triggers that could tempt you to smoke, and actively helps you cope with these triggers through mindfulness and hypnosis techniques. This way, when you’re finally ready to quit, you’ll be emotionally and mentally set.

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